Heat Pump FAQ’s

Which Heat Pump is Best?

Heat Pumps have become very popular over the last few years because they provide affordable, clean heat and ‘touch of a button’ convenience. They are widely recommended by anyone that has one and are actively promoted by government and energy saving bodies.

Heat Pumps are, however, a significant investment for most people and a permanent fixture to a property so its important to make the right choice.

Choosing the right Heat Pump

All manufacturers claim to have the best, quietest and most energy efficient Heat Pumps. Add to that they are constantly updating models and improving specifications. Finding out which one is best for you is not so straightforward. That’s where AllTech Mechanical comes in.

It is important to get the right Heat Pump for your needs. Each property is unique and has individual features that greatly affect the airflow around a space as well as the heat loss. These include: property location, typical ambient air temperatures and humidity levels, aspect to the sun, insulation in ceilings and walls, window surface area, positioning of walls, etc.

So unfortunately, what is right for your friends and neighbors is not necessarily right for you. But fortunately, AllTech Mechanical will profile your needs and provide you with the best options for your home.

The Right Size

Heat Pumps must be sized correctly for the volume of air it needs to condition. Too small and the unit will be over working at full speed trying to achieve the desired temperature, never reaching its inverter state and therefore will cost more to run and wear out prematurely. Too big and the Heat Pump will short cycle, turning on and off repeatedly.

Regardless of what you might get told, DO NOT buy a bigger heat pump in the hope it will do multiple rooms or the whole house. A Heat Pump constantly measures the temperature of the room it is in and will back off as it reaches the set temperature. It cannot know what the temperature is in the rooms down the hall so won’t try to heat them. If you want to heat multiple rooms, find out about Ductless-Split Heat Pumps designed for the job.

The Right Installation

Correct installation is CRITICAL for the correct energy efficient performance and long term life of a Heat Pump. Do not assume because someone can supply a Heat Pump that they have the right equipment or are licensed to install the Heat Pump. There are plenty of fly-by-night operators in Moncton without proper licensing. Don’t be taken in! If something goes wrong, you will have to contact the installer to put it right.. Even if you buy from a reputable retail outlet you will still have to find the original installer… and if they aren’t licensed, you’re in hot water.